Best Place to Buy a Diamond: Online, Retail or Wholesale?

Best Place to Buy a Diamond: Online, Retail or Wholesale?

Buying a diamond is incredibly exciting! If you are looking to purchase one but aren’t sure where to get started then you will need to weigh the pros and cons of buying online, at a retail store, or wholesale. Knowing which option is best for you will allow you to buy your diamond and celebrate this exciting time. You will have to take into consideration your price, how quickly you want the diamond, and if you are willing or able to buy diamonds in bulk. All of these will factor into where you decide to go shopping for a diamond.

Buying Online

This is quickly becoming one of the best places to buy a diamond. It is extremely convenient to be able to go online at any time and from any location and shop for your dream diamond. Often there are sales that will allow you to get an even better deal on your purchase. When you are shopping, you can open multiple tabs so that you can compare different diamonds and even read the reviews left by others to see if the diamond lives up to the hype. Online retailers don’t have to pay the overhead that comes standard with a brick and mortar store, and as such can usually offer lower prices and carry a larger selection. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a local store or know that you want a rare cut or setting, then looking online will be your best bet to find exactly what you want.

Buying Retail

This is the most common way that people buy diamonds, as it allows them to pick up, handle, and try on the diamond in store. It’s a very romantic way to shop for a diamond since both people can be there to discuss them and share in the excitement. If you are interested in the traditional diamond buying experience, then this is how you will want to buy a diamond. You can get cozy with your partner and enjoy trying on multiple diamonds while spending time together. Unfortunately, buying a diamond at a retail store usually comes with a pretty high price tag. Retailers have to pay overhead costs of the store which can include rent, utilities, and employee pay. Because of that, they will have to raise the price of the goods that they sell in order to turn a profit at all. If you are determined to bring home a diamond today then shopping retail is the only way to do it. You will get a standard cut and setting, but the instant gratification is worth it for some people.

Buying Wholesale

Finally, you can choose to buy a diamond wholesale. This means that you will be skipping the middle man of the retailer and buying from a company who deals mainly in bulk stones. This is perfect if you are looking to buy loose diamonds in bulk, as you will get a much better cost on them through a wholesaler than you would through a retailer. Unfortunately, if you only need one diamond this may not work for you. However, there are some times when a wholesaler will sell a customer a single diamond. This does not happen very often and is most likely to occur if you have been referred by a friend or family member of the wholesaler. You would be able to get a great deal on the diamond if you can manage this introduction. It will be a lot cheaper than what you could buy in a retail store and about comparable to buying a diamond online.

Now that you know a little more about the three different ways that you can buy a diamond, you should be better prepared to decide how you will go shopping. For an intimate and immediate experience you are best off heading to a local retail store. If you want something out of the box and don’t mind to wait for it to come in then shop online for a great deal and interesting diamond. Finally, if you are able to buy in bulk or know someone who does wholesale, you may be able to snag a great deal on a loose stone that you can make your own.