Buying diamonds online & The Why and How

Buying diamonds online & The Why and How

Everything you need to know about buying diamonds online

It’s really important that you do everything you can to manage and mitigate risk when buying diamonds online.

No matter what, your diamond purchase is going to be quite sizable – after all, diamonds aren’t exactly the least expensive thing to purchase (online or off). Sure, the internet usually has much better prices on diamonds and diamond jewelry than you’ll ever find locally, but you still need to make sure that you are ordering your diamonds from a legitimate dealer, that you are going to get the exact diamonds that you have purchased online, and that you cover all of your bases before you dive right in.

This quick guide is going to share with you just about everything you need to know about buying diamonds online without getting burned. Pay close attention to the inside information below and you shouldn’t have much, if anything, to worry about when making this kind of order over the web.

Why buy diamonds online in the first place?

There are a whole bunch of different ways you can get your hands on diamonds, but the overwhelming majority of people are going to either order diamonds or diamond jewelry directly over the internet from a dealer or they are going to go to a physical retail location and purchase diamonds there.

By choosing to purchase diamonds over the net, you’re going to be able to:

  • … Take advantage of a much larger diamond selection than you will ever find in any physical retail location. You’ll find diamonds to fit any budget imaginable, diamonds in any shape, cut, and color possible, and diamonds that come in at nearly any carrot weight you could ever be interested in.


  • … Take advantage of endless jewelry designs, ranging from “off-the-shelf” to completely custom and everything in between. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase loose diamonds, cut and finished diamonds, and diamonds that have been set into any piece of jewelry you can imagine – including those that you yourself design or work with someone else to create.


  • … Take advantage of safety and security that you may not be able to leverage otherwise. Sure, there are risks to ordering diamonds online (that cannot be debated), but when you shop with legitimate, licensed, and trusted diamond dealers online you don’t have to worry about a lot of the headache and hassle – and potential security risks – that are involved with walking around with a large sum of money or a pocket full of precious diamonds.


  • … Take advantage of endless competition to find the best prices in the best diamonds no matter what. Because you are only ever a couple of clicks away from competing diamond dealers, and all diamond dealers know this, you are always going to be able to take advantage of the best prices, the most competitive offers, and top-flight customer service across the board. Locally you may only have a handful of shops to do business with and they don’t have to offer anywhere near the benefits endless online competition brings to the table.

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Important things to remember when buying diamonds online

If you’ve decided to go in this direction (and it is a smart move to make), it’s important that you remember these basics.

For starters, you really want to research the online diamond dealers that you are thinking about doing business with. You need to make sure that they are legitimate, that they have a solid reputation in the industry, and that there aren’t any real risks just for doing business with this organization.

Secondly, you’re going to want to understand the overall diamond buying purchase process as much as possible. Learn about cut, color, clarity, and carrot weight, try and immerse yourself in as much of the “diamond language” as possible, and don’t be shy about asking questions of those in the business to clear up anything you may be otherwise confused about.

Finally, make sure you are only ever buying diamonds that include a gemological certificate from a legitimate operation and then make sure that this certificate is for the actual diamond that you are purchasing. There are a whole host of different certification organizations out there all over the world, and diamonds that carry multiple certifications can be trusted more than any other.