Jewelry Store Reviews

Jewelry Store Reviews

Highlighting the best online jewelry stores in 2017

Customers all over the world have been turning to the internet to find the best diamonds and pieces of diamond jewelry available for sale at incredibly low prices, and the overwhelming majority of customers have been overjoyed at what they have been able to uncover and purchase.

Online diamond jewelry stores offer top-notch prices, a selection that cannot be competed with, and some of the most impressive acts of customer service available anywhere. These jewelry stores are transforming the industry from the inside out, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if this becomes the “go to” way to purchase amazing pieces of jewelry in the future!

That being said, there are certainly some online jewelry stores that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack – especially in 2017.

Below you’ll find a quick breakdown of the best of the best online jewelry stores worthy of your business, the kinds of online jewelry stores you’ll want to check out before you go to look anywhere else.

Let’s get right to it!

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is undisputedly the world’s largest online diamond dealer and online diamond jewelry retail, and it’s easy to see why. With 250,000 diamonds available to purchase at any one particular point in time they have the largest selection anywhere, but they also offer unbelievably low prices on all of their jewelry and a top-notch shopping experience that is tough to beat.

James Allen

The direct contender for Blue Nile, and one of the real pioneers in the world of online diamond jewelry and high-end jewelry in general, James Allen helped to usher high definition 360° videos of every piece of jewelry available for sale into this industry and it’s helped make them a household name. This is a company that offers a fantastic selection (nearly 150,000 diamonds to pick and choose from), and the presentation that they offer with each and every purchase made from this website is second to none. Their prices are great, their service is best in the business, and the overall shopping experience from start to finish is enjoyable.

Super Jeweler

Considered to be one of the best kept secrets in the jewelry business today, this isn’t exactly the flashiest website or the most modern of online jewelry buying experiences – but you cannot compete with the prices that this company offers. On top of that, they have one of the largest selections of designer jewelry pieces available at a discount.


Offering a crisp and clean (not to mention decidedly very modern and easy to use) a buying experience online, this company offers very affordably priced pieces of jewelry as well as a selection of high-end loose diamonds that carry multiple certifications at deep discounts.


The Jared jewelry stores are probably most well-known for their physical retail locations and their television advertisements, but even still they have a very robust online shopping experience and some pretty reasonable prices. Not the best online jewelry store out there today, but certainly one of the better options to pick and choose from.

Helzberg Diamonds

If you want to get your hands on stunning diamond jewelry, or other jewelry pieces made from precious metals and gemstones, available from some of the best designers anywhere on the planet at deeply discounted prices, this is the online shop you’re going to want to have a look at. Free returns with a 60 day moneyback guarantee are available from this retailer.

Diamond Delight

Offering a somewhat smaller and more modest selection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, as well as a handful of pieces in a variety of other precious metals and gemstone configurations, Diamond Delight has a fantastic earring selection that is almost impossible to compete with anywhere else.

Kay Jewelers

The selection is again quite limited here at Kay, but the prices are reasonable, the service is predictable, and they will send any of the pieces you are interested in purchasing online to any of their local retail outlets so that you can see them in person before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase. That alone makes them a top contender as far as online jewelry stores to pay close attention to in 2017 is concerned!