Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Looking for an engagement ring?

Purchasing an engagement ring is always going to be a bit of a process, and oftentimes will naturally occur over a year or more.

You aren’t just going to want to save up for an engagement ring (a purchase that is very likely going to be quite sizable), but you’re also going to want to have plenty of time to research your options, research the companies that offer diamonds and diamond engagement rings, and really find something that you think your special someone is going to love and treasure for the rest of their life.

Not to put any pressure on you, but this is kind of a big deal!

Thankfully though, the internet has made it a lot easier to hunt for an engagement ring today. Not only are you going to be able to find a ton of information about diamonds, about the differences in cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, and about the types of engagement rings available – or the process for custom creating one yourself – but you’re also going to be able to find a whole host of online diamond dealers that can sell you a diamond or a diamond engagement ring at a much lower price than you will ever find in your local area.

Choosing the right diamond dealer, however, is a whole different problem altogether. Hopefully will be able to help point you in the right direction with this quick guide!

Start your search with James Allen and Blue Nile

When you get right down to it, there are two diamond dealers online that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack – James Allen and Blue Nile.

While James Allen has a slightly smaller inventory than Blue Nile, they do offer top-flight prices, amazing customer service (the best in the business), and so many purchasing tools that help you really get a feel for EXACTLY what your diamond is going to look like when it arrives that it’s tough to choose anyone else.

Blue Nile ranks right up there with James Allen, however, simply because they offer an inventory that cannot be taught, prices that are about as unbeatable as it gets, and incredible information about each and every single diamond that they make available.

You really can’t go wrong choosing between either of these two operations, and the odds are good that you want to spend the bulk of your time comparing diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and different options directly on these two sites more than any other.

Other top contenders

Of course, there are other websites that you’re going to want to look at before you pull the trigger on an engagement ring purchase from James Allen or Blue Nile.

Brian Gavin Diamonds is another fantastic website, and they offer some of the most perfectly cut diamonds you are going to find anywhere. They specialize in the production of Signature and Black cut diamonds, offering the type of diamonds that are likely to be more brilliant than you will find anywhere else.

You will pay slightly more for these kinds of diamonds (because of the expertise and time necessary to cut them so perfectly), but when we’re talking about a once in a lifetime purchase like this it may be worth the extra investment.

Ritani is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to online dealers of diamonds, but it’s backed by some of the biggest names and biggest companies in the diamond industry that have existed for decades and decades.

This is a company that offers a large selection of diamonds (though it isn’t quite as large a selection as James Allen or Blue Nile – but no other collection really is), and while there prices aren’t quite as good as those that you’ll find from the other contenders that we’ve mentioned above they are right in line with online diamond prices for the most and offer fantastic customer service and assistance in choosing the perfect ring for you.

You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of other diamond dealers (obviously), but it’s probably a good idea to start your search for the perfect diamond or the perfect engagement ring with the options that we have in this quick guide.